March 28, 2011

Welcome to My First Review - The Kindle Device Itself

Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 3G Works Globally, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology
Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 3G Works Globally, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology

Background: I wasn't reading much due to poor eyesight. My main sources of entertainment were the web, and TV (even with 32" TV, I still have a hard time reading on the screen).  I purchased some books for the Kindle for PC App.  My Bro In Law had one gifted to him and it started my perusal of the Kindle Forums.  What I learned in the Kindle Forums, if you have the extra $50, go for the 3g model, and order the Kindle first, then get your Kindle accessories (you will realize what you need then).

Purchasing and Additional Accessories: The Kindle arrived very quickly, and I loaded some books from my wish list. I was immediately in love, now I could READ.  The font size could be enlarged, and reading on the recliner and in bed were in my grasp.

Right away, I could tell I needed a book light. However, having spent a great deal of money for Christmas on Amazon, AND not wanting a light that uses the Kindle's battery, I had my search cut out for me. For Protection, I used a Clear Bubble Envelope stuffed in a small purse, until my goodies arrived.  I purchased the following:

Blue mCover® Leather Folio Cover Case for Amazon Kindle 3 (Fits 6" Display, built-in inner pocket)
Verso Clip-On Reading Light for Kindle (Turquoise)
and, following another post in the Kindle Forums- something which protects the cover and Kindle itself from dust, cat hair, etc.
LightWedge Original Soft Case (be sure to get the one fulfilled by Amazon).

Other Goods/Information to Enhance Your Experience: At the time of Purchase, I had no wi-fi in the Apartment, ergo 3G was the way to go. Also, I commute/travel by bus, so this comes in handy, with a link to Metro Trip Planner (the Bus Riders equivalent to GPS ;-). I have since acquired a router, and find the battery life and speed increased with wifi G2, vs the free 3g.

Setup with wifi was easy (though not the router itself). I've recently opened a FaceBook account, and uploads are a snap (and really looks good). I can highlight something from a News Source, make comments, and voila, it posts.

*Calibre Software: for Organizing Collections, including books you get for free, and using to feed specialized news sources to your Kindle.
*The Kindle Forums: found on the Right hand side of Your Account Page, or at the Bottom of the Kindle Product description, ala Related Discussions. You will find lots of info for free or cheap books (to help the Kindle pay for itself), and can ask questions about the Calibre Software.
*Cisco-Linksys WRT54G2 Wireless-G Broadband Router
* site: Used to manage your notes, highlights, posts, books (reading, To Be Read, etc), and help Manage your book reviews (Calibre can also help with that).

Personal Experiences:  Kindle and the Kindle Customer support is wonderful. I discovered that increasing the font size up 2 levels significantly improved my reading pleasure. And I have acquired over 400 books for little money since Dec. 22nd.

Which leads me to - I have become an Ebook Hoarder. However, my Hoard is slowly being organized, and fits on a device that weighs 8.7 oz. My books come with links, so that I can hop on the web from wherever. The dictionary lookup is a wonderful feature, and the ole vocabulary is getting a much needed refresher course. As stated above, posting on Facebook is fun, a great way to keep a pseudo diary. I find that my TV watching has dropped considerably since the purchase, I can see some money savings there. You will find many free initial offerings in the Kindle Forums - and I have discovered Indie Authors whom I would never have sought out before.

The browser is not a replacement for your computer. I find that links to the mobile sites work better. I also turn off images and JavaScript, unless I need them. Article mode works better on the mobile sites, so I like to bookmark those, instead of using the main ones. However, if you jump from a link in an article or book - it will take you to the regular web page. Depending on the site - you MAY be able to read the related article, but I have more often than not found that difficult (the zoom isn't big enough).

Other than that - I am quite happy with this purchase. This is NOT a cheap replacement for a tablet. I'm thinking of Android as my next toy, but I must save (and I just got a deal on a new HDTV to replace my CRT HDTV, on Amazon of course).

Happy Reading.
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