April 6, 2011

On Book Reviews, Analysis and Critique vs. Controversy

When I dedicated myself to reviewing (it can be fun, watching the stats change on Amazon), I realized I would need to improve in order to compete with the Big Boys.  However, this isn't my first blog - I actually ran a rather successful Poker Blog awhile back - number 5 on the return list in Google Search.

That, of course, was before (or rather during the evolution of) the full Social Media explosion,  Now, in order to present my topics and reviews - I must tweet, I need fans, and one book espouses on the use of You Tube Videos (sorry, I'm just not going there - but many blog owners DO interviews, podcasts, etc.)

Our Medium of data exchange has changed - along with the advent of eBooks and Streaming Wireless Video. And, I'm not opposed to learning new tools which, not only enhance my abilities, but also expose me to avenues of exploration.  In the interim, signing up and learning to Tweet is best not done on the day the site goes down.

My little essay has a purpose, that as a reviewer - gone are the days I would sit with that book, and either read to enjoy the content, or drop it into the archives - well, because - Yuck.  Finding time for pleasure reading, not to mention those streaming HD Movies, has become an arduous task.  And, those pleasure moments must turn off the analysis, critique, and Social Networking required during Review Mode.

Which brings me to the other topic at hand, when I shouldn't review a book?  While my genres and Author selection have widened through the Review Medium, when should a reviewer just say No?  If I can't review a book that elicits a Strong Emotional Response, than HAVE I really separated myself from the Content of the Book, and can I be trusted to give an HONEST review?  Am I giving Honest Reviews to genres I'm Still attached to?

Study of Fair and Impartial reviewing has definitely improved my credentials in regards to my above quandary.  However, one of Today's Free eBooks just begs for an Emotional Response.  It hits close to home for many of us - and I can't find myself stepping back with the emotional and analytical detachment I would need to review, AND  - I also don't see myself downloading for a Pleasure read.

The reviews for this book are not truly impartial and fair, since the comments reflect the emotional responses and political leanings of the reviewers.  As more reviews are added for this recent #19 in the free Kindle eBook category, I envision more comments and controversy amongst the reviewers (especially since 2012 is approaching fast).

So I give you, while its free:

Climate of Corruption: Politics and Power Behind The Global Warming Hoax

Climate of Corruption: Politics and Power Behind The Global Warming Hoax

I personally will not be downloading, nor will I be reviewing.  But by all means, let yourselves be the guides on your own responses, reading pleasure, and books you choose to review.

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